Welcome to Durham Coffee

Connect with Durham and the North-East through coffee and imagination

Enjoying a good cup of coffee can be more than simply savouring great taste if we connect our taste buds with our imagination and let people and places influence our experience.

For us, roasting is a very personal undertaking. As speciality coffee roasters we depend on high quality green coffee beans. Each coffee comes with specific characteristics and flavour profiles unique to its origin, which we want to recognise and respect.

Ultimately, however, it is up to us to determine the final roast profile and what flavours to bring out in a bean. The end product, in other words, is our story and we want it to be personal. When we embark on the roasting journey, we attempt to connect to our heritage through people and places.

Drinking a cup of Durham Coffee then, is more than simply relishing great coffee, it also means fusing taste with celebrating out heritage.

Welcome to Durham Coffee