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Meet the Team

Durham Coffee is a family run coffee roastery situated in the heart of County Durham. 

Having grown up in Austria & Germany, with a coffee culture that favours a freshly brewed filter coffee, Bernhard & Carina established Kaffeehaus Amadeus in Lanchester in 2013 to bring a slice of Austria and its coffee culture to County Durham. Offering various single origin beans, they set out to teach and train people around the North-East about speciality coffee and quality freshly filtered V60 coffee.

Now, almost a decade later, this father-daughter team continue to share their passion for ethically sourced quality coffee through their coffee roastery in Durham. By roasting speciality coffee beans from all over the world and supplying them across the UK to home brewers and businesses alike, they want to showcase the wonderful array of varying flavours that can exist within the speciality coffee industry.

Durham Coffee not only wants to continue making quality coffee more accessible through their coffee education courses, but they also aim to connect people to the North-East through their heritage range coffees encouraging them to take a moment to cherish the moment and savour the taste.

For more information and a peek into Bernhard and Carina’s individual coffee journey’s check out our blog.


Coffee Bean

Our Roaster:

12kg Air Motion

Reinventing the Coffee Roasting Industry with the latest cutting-edge Air-Roasting Technology; it is a first in the world, offering a highly sophisticated and interactive roasting experience. At Durham Coffee, we are the first in the UK to roast on a 12Kg AMR and we are excited to pioneer this new technology.

The Air-Roasting process involves coffee beans being suspended and roasted on a bed of hot air. The vortex within the roasting chamber created by the air, roasts each coffee bean at the same rate from all directions.

Air-Roasting allows continuous and first-hand interaction with your coffee beans during the entire roast process using sight, sound and smell to enhance your roasting experience.  With a continuous stream of fresh hot air coming into the roast chamber, the Air-Roaster removes dust, chaff and smoke from the roast chamber ensuring a clean, pure and balanced roast.

The end product has a very clean taste that is intensely aromatic, together with enhanced flavour notes; it produces an exceptional cup of coffee.

Air Roaster
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Speciality coffee is quality graded from 0-100. Only coffee that is graded 80+ qualifies as Speciality Coffee, guaranteeing the best quality and excellent flavours for us consumers but also better prices and working relationships for Farmers.

All of our coffee is speciality coffee and sourced from a sustainable supply chain which can be traced back directly to the coffee farm. Our suppliers work in close partnership with the farmers to ensure highest quality, sustainability and fair prices. This leads to long-term relationships helping coffee farmers to build sustainable businesses, and us to roast and deliver the best coffee for your business.

The end product has a very clean taste that is intensely aromatic, together with enhanced flavour notes; it produces an exceptional cup of coffee.