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Meet The Team

We are a family business with a passion for coffee and a love for Durham and the North-East.

Having worked as a father-daughter team in the coffee industry for many years, establishing Kaffeehaus Amadeus in Lanchester, as well as teaching and training people about speciality coffee, we are excited to connect people with Durham and the North-East through coffee – offering ethically sourced speciality coffee with a local twist.

Our Roaster: LORING S15 Falcon

We roast on a Loring S15. This state of the art roaster not only improves the quality of the cup, but also helps us to be environmentally friendly.

Our Loring;
  • burns gas more efficiently than traditional drum roasters and recycles heat, which leads to lower fuel consumptions.
  • requires no afterburner to burn the smoke saving a considerable amount of annual gas.
  • reduces levels of oxygen during roasting which brings clarity and improved quality to the cup.
  • has a smokeless roasting system that does not omit smoke into the atmosphere during the roasting cycle.

Bernhard Roasting Coffee
Indian Coffee Farmer

Speciality Coffee, Sustainably Sourced

Speciality coffee is quality graded from 0-100. Only coffee that is graded 80+ qualifies as Speciality Coffee, guaranteeing the best quality and excellent flavours for us consumers but also better prices and working relationships for Farmers.

All of our coffee is speciality coffee and sourced from a sustainable supply chain which can be traced back directly to the coffee farm. Our suppliers work in close partnership with the farmers to ensure highest quality, sustainability and fair prices. This leads to long-term relationships helping coffee farmers to build sustainable businesses, and us to roast and deliver the best coffee for your business.

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