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About AMR

Born in South Africa.

Now roasting around the world.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the coffee roasting industry, making air roasting accessible to anyone through cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology and ease of use. With an Air-Motion Roaster, anyone can roast clean, delicious coffee!

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The AMr Advantage

all electric

No gas connection or detrimental gas effects

Open chamber

Provides interactive roasting experience

chaff extraction

Powerful cyclone removes chaff and impurities

recordable profiles

Plus multiple-graph real-time tracking

AMR Air-Motion Roster, Durham Coffee UK
Carina & Bernhard with Air-motion Roaster.jpg
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Air roasting

No fuel – low emissions – clean

Simply put, air roasting suspends and roasts coffee beans on a bed of hot air. The vortex within the roasting chamber created by this air roasts each coffee bean at the same rate from all directions.

A continuous stream of fresh, hot air floods the roast chamber and removes dust, chaff, and smoke to produce an incredibly clean, pure, and balanced roast. The sweet, natural, clean flavors shine through in every sip.

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The Air-Motion Roaster

Interactive – Immersive – Innovative

If you love the art of coffee roasting, what if there was a way to go deeper? What if you could really experience your passion for roasting in a totally interactive and immersive way? 

With Air Roasting You Can.

Available in 3kg, 6kg and 12kg models, there is a roaster for everyone; whether you are planning to take over the coffee industry or simply want to have fun roasting your very own coffee for your small local cafe – we have you covered.

AMR Air-Motion Roster, Durham Coffee UK, North East England Coffee Roasters
Carina & Bernhard with Air-motion Roaster.jpg
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Why work with AMR

& Durham Coffee

Did you know we are the first roasters in the UK to roast on a 12kg AMR?!

After over 2 years of pioneering this cutting-edge technology in the UK we are excited to represent AMR and can’t wait to showcase this wonderful roaster.

Here at Durham Coffee we really are passionate about air-motion roasting. We love sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge and, in a nutshell, we are here to help you get started on your roasting journey. This not only involves showcasing AMR roasters, but also managing an AMR improved installation with our UK engineer, offering advice and support regarding equipment for setting up a roastery,  and delivering the training you need to become a confident air-motion roaster yourself and roast quality coffee you can be proud of and customers will want to come back for.

Coffee roasting is a very personal undertaking, and to us, the air motion roaster allows you to achieve exactly that, with a very hands on and interactive approach. 

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meet the team

Visit from HQ South Africa

Julian, the mastermind behind the wonderful Air Motion Roaster, Carina and Bernhard the father-daughter duo behind Durham Coffee / AMR UK and Johann, head Air-Motion Roaster engineer. 

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If you are passionate about roasting quality coffee and want more information or to see our BROCHURE, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

E-mail us at:     |     Call on: 0191 447 4552

AMR Air Motion Roasters & Durham Coffee UK Team Photo
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Join These Roasteries Pumping Out Incredible Coffee

On Air-Motion Roasters Around The Globe!

Convection roasting IS taken to the next level with much thought. I have roasted on it, and indeed it is a work of art. Seamless and intuitive software enables roasters to work with ease and achieve their desired roast in a matter of minutes.


Sevenoaks Trading

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. This roaster is amazingly simple to use but complete enough to allow me to adapt and adjust the roast live — giving me complete peace of mind that consistency in my roast batches is achieved.


Wayne Burrows, 
Rebel Coffee Consulting

An instant start-up, immediate heat response, interaction with the beans throughout the roast and basically as simple as “plug and play.” No delays and no energy wastage! I was humbled to learn that this simple technology could, in fact, perform as well as, and even better in many respects, than any traditional ‘cast-iron rich’ drum roaster.

Bruce Manning, 
Brustar Specialty Coffee