At Durham Coffee we are passionate about having fun and experimenting with coffee brewing. There is no right or wrong way really; you’ll find there are many different recipes out there and in the end it’s very much about personal preference and discovering what works best for you (which might also vary from bean to bean). So we’d like to encourage you to do a little experimenting.

To get you started here are two different ways to brew a French Press/Cafetiere – why not have a go or let us know if you’ve already discovered your favourite brewing technique – we’d love to know what you think!

You will need: A French Press – Kettle (use water just of the boil) – Digital Scales – Timer – your favourite mug and of course your fresh bag of our Durham Coffee (medium grind).

Recipe 1:

(small FP –  approx. 310 ml)

– Add 23 g of coffee to your FP

– Top with 80 g of hot water

– Leave for 30 seconds.

– Add remaining 230 g of water

– Brew for 4 mins

– Stir once to break the crust

– Wait for 15 seconds

– Slowly plunge and decant

Recipe 2:

(small FP – approx. 310 ml)

– Add 18 g of coffee to your FP

– Top with 310 g of hot water

– Brew for 3 minutes

– Stir 5 times to break crust

– Wait for 30 seconds

– Slowly plunge and decant

Note: We understand that you may not have more than one French Presses to try these methods simultaneously and directly compare; if that’s the case our tip would be to jot down your thoughts for each one as you go along.  Think about mouthfeel, flavour notes, acidity, sweetness, lingering aromas, …

Also keep your eyes peeled for future Coffee Courses and Durham Coffee Brew Lab events at our roastery where you’ll be able to come along and experiment to your hearts content.

Until next time,

Cherish The Moments – Savour The Taste!

Carina x