Our Honduran Charity Coffee is our newest limited edition coffee which directly gives back to our community. In the case of our Honduran Charity Coffee, 20% of each bag sold is being donated to the Poverty Hurts Appeal.

Poverty is becoming a harsh reality for more and more families and individuals across County Durham. The region now has the highest rate of child poverty anywhere in the UK, limiting the hopes and opportunities of thousands across the county who have so much to offer. Action is urgently needed. The time to fight poverty in County Durham is now and with your support we can help fund lifelines for almost 32,000 local children and young people being hurt by poverty in all its forms.

By buying our Honduras Charity Coffee in support of the Poverty Hurts Appeal, you’ll help the County Durham Community Foundation support families choosing between heating and eating, older people at risk of poor health and death due to cold homes, young people leaving care, children without warm winter coats and many more. Thank you for your support!

And now a bit more on our wonderful new single origin bean:

Country: Honduras
Region: Lepaterique, Francisco Morazán
Producer: Smallholders from seven villages
Altitude: 1,200 – 1,450 M.A.S.L.
Variety: IHCAFE 90, Lempira
Process: Fully Washed & Sun Dried

Berries – Floral – Milk Chocolate

Located in the Francisco Morazán Region, very close to the capital and surrounded by mountains, Lepaterique is a very small city made of only seven villages. Lepaterique is a Lenca community, an indigenous people whose name means “Mountain of the Tiger”.

Over the years, they have managed to retain many of their traditions. Community is for Lenca a very important concept. Land is for them a communal “property” and they expect all members of the community to participate in communal efforts.

(Photos are from our green bean suppliers recent trip to Honduras)

Lenca live mainly from their farms. They grow coffee and other crops, but coffee is their main source of income. Our sister company, Molinos de Honduras, has seen the potential of the area in terms of Specialty coffee and implemented the Volcafe Way program. Through field and business training, Volcafe Way supports the farmers to improve their coffee quality, increase their productivity and analyse their costs. This strategy is paying off: as quality and yields are improved, so does farmers’ quality of life.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this wonderful new Charity Coffee! Make sure to tag us in your socials and spread the word as every sip of this coffee aids in the fight against poverty in County Durham!

Carina xo