Hello fellow coffee lovers,

How are we all doing ? We hope you’re having a great week so far.

We recently hosted our first Coffee Lover’s Beginners Course in the new training space at our roastery and it was such fun we just had to tell you more about our coffee courses!

In case you don’t already know, we absolutely love sharing our passion for coffee with others. Having previously had great success with the coffee course we ran at our café, we decided to expand it to create a series of courses allowing us to dive even deeper into the world of coffee and roasting. Our courses are designed to quench your thirst for coffee knowledge, hone your brewing skills and prepare you to join our Durham Coffee Club (more on that later) should you wish to become a VICP (very important coffee person) and gain access to a whole lot of fun.

So far we have launched two courses, our Coffee Lover’s Beginners Course and our Coffee Lover’s Barista Course, both of which are designed to be enjoyed by beginners and coffee enthusiasts alike who want to spend a morning immersed in the world of coffee; learning, experimenting and tasting. Depending on the course there will only ever be a max of 6 ppl. We like to keep the numbers small and intimate to allow everyone to feel included and get plenty of hands on experience when it comes to the likes of brewing coffees and steaming milk. Our courses are all 3hs long, although admittedly we do like to get into things and love to take the time to answer all your questions, so if you’re not in a hurry you can be sure we’re likely to run over the finish time.

Now, I’m sure you might be wondering, what exactly is our Durham Coffee Club and how do I become a VICP (very important coffee person) to join?

Well, to become a VICP you need to complete two of our Coffee Lover’s Courses; either our Beginners or Barista and then our Advanced. This then gains you membership to our Durham Coffee Club and exclusive access to our Brew Lab Events. We wanted to create a space for members, now equipped with ample coffee & brewing knowledge, to come together at our roastery, enjoy experimenting with various equipment and coffee recipes, learn from each other and simply share their passion for coffee with like minded people. Not only will Durham Coffee Club members be able to relax and drink copious coffees together at our informal Brew Lab Events, but they will also be given exclusive benefits, such as cupping sessions and opportunities to decide on new coffee profiles and more.

So make sure to sign up to our courses to start your journey to becoming a VICP and read on to discover what exactly is included in our different courses.

Our Coffee Lover’s Beginners Course is for anybody wanting to expand their knowledge on various home brewing methods from the French Press to the Mokka Pot.

Join us on this course as we delve into the wonderful world of coffee. We will introduce you to some interesting coffee facts and show you how to prepare great coffee at home. Our Coffee Lover’s Beginners Course will teach you about various home brewing methods, give you the opportunity for hands-on experimenting and of course plenty of coffee tasting; so make sure you are coffee thirsty! After completing our this course you will be ready to impress your visitors at home with your coffee expertise and be one step closer to joining our Durham Coffee Club !

Our Coffee Lover’s Barista Course is for people who want to top-up their knowledge working with a professional Espresso Machine

Join us on this course and delve into the exciting world of making espresso-based coffees. We will focus on espresso based coffees only in this Coffee Lover’s Barista Course and teach you how to be a confident Barista. Learning on our La Spaziale S5 Espresso Machine, you will be introduced to what it takes to pull the perfect shot and steam decent milk for latte art, look at different coffee ratios and how to create a menu, learn how to look after your machine and, of course, try and taste plenty of coffee. After completing this course, you will be one step closer to joining our Durham Coffee Club (as mentioned above) and confident in using an Espresso Machine, ready to impress friends, family and employers.

Our Coffee Lover’s Advanced Course is a follow on course of either the Coffee Lover’s Beginner’s or Barista Course.

Join us for deepening your coffee knowledge and taking a closer look at the roasting process. In this course we will learn more about coffee around the world, talk about processing methods, the challenges of roast profiling and consistency and watch a roasting demo first hand to understand our unique roasting method. Through hands-on experience, tasting and testing various roast profiles, you will be introduced to coffee flavours, coffee cupping and more brewing recipes. After completing our Coffee Lover’s Advanced Course, you will be a passionate coffee lover confident to navigate your own future coffee journey and thus have gained membership to our exclusive Durham Coffee Club  where you will have the chance to explore coffee further to your heart content!

So make sure to sign up to our courses to start your journey to becoming a VICP!

All my best,

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Cherish The Moments – Savour The Taste!
Carina  x