Finchale Priory (Decaf)


Columbia: Planadas, Tolima
Altitude: 1800m
Variety: Caturra, Castillo
Process: fully washed
Decaf: Sugarcane

Smooth – Nutty – Toffee Apple

Finchale Priory used to be a place for the monks of Durham Cathedral, a space to unwind and retreat. To connect our Decaf coffee with Finchale Priory reminds us of retreating, unwinding and simply ‘being’ – without the need of caffeine. Naturally decaffeinated, our Finchale Priory is a wonderful full bodied Columbian coffee with smooth nutty notes. It works well for all brewing methods, from espresso to filter, so everyone can take a moment to pause, unwind and live with all their senses.