Limited Edition Charity Coffee



* 20% of sales from this coffee will be donated to the St Cuthbert’s Hospice *

Flavour Notes: Juicy Goosberries with hints of Hazelnut

Introducing our Limited Edition Charity Coffee – a certified organic coffee from Peru. We have roasted this delicious bean to bring out its sweet & fruity profile. With notes of juicy gooseberries and hints of hazelnut this coffee is a lovely extremely clean cup.

Now you might be wondering what ‘Charity Coffee’ means?! Put simply – by buying a Limited Edition Charity Coffee you will be supporting our community as 20% of each bag sold will be donated to a local charity. Being able to give back to our local community is very important to us and the sales of this Peruvian coffee will be supporting the St. Cuthbert’s Hospice in Durham.

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